Parents as Partner

We believe strongly in creating a positive environment and in working hand-in-hand with parents. Children benefit when there is collaborative partnership fostered between teachers and families, which is why we encourage parents to be actively involved in our school activities.

Parents are invited to a Parent-Teacher meeting each term where the teachers will share a portfolio of the child’s achievements and performance. Portfolios capture all areas of development and enable teachers, parents and even the child to clearly see their progression over terms and years. Our children perform at weekly assemblies and parents are invited to attend when their child’s class is performing to share the joy being part of the Chengzhu family. Parents are also encouraged to participate as parent helpers on field trips and other special events such as Sports Day and Carnival.

Parents’ feedback and suggestions are an essential part of our collaboration. As the school practises open communication when it comes to sharing information with parents, we encourage parents to also share their views through contribution to our in-house publication, ‘Let’s Talk’, or communication with teachers and the Head of Centre.

Throughout the year, parenting talks, workshops and sharing sessions covering topics on children’s development are also conducted in our centres for parents. 

At Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten, we work hard to create an environment where the parents and the school come together to give the very best of education to the child.