Our Malaysia Centres

Here at Julia Gabriel International, we know how important it is for children to learn in a conducive environment. We take care and pride to create favourable physical environments in each of our centres that encourages creativity and fun with the coming together of parents, mentors and students.

Our establishment here in Malaysia first materialized in 2006 with the founding of our first Julia Gabriel International centre in the Klang Valley at a corner-lot bungalow along Jalan Bukit Pantai in Bangsar, an affluent residential district on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The centre, which houses Julia Gabriel Centre and Chiltern House Preschool under one roof, is set in a serene suburb with a beautifully landscaped outdoor area complete with a playground, exuding a charming, homely environment.

Each room in our centre is carefully fitted with lots of light and ventilation, filled with children-friendly furniture and inspirational toys, and of course, maintained to the strictest levels of hygiene standards to ensure safe environments for our children, parents and mentors alike.

The BookRoom

A pride and joy with children and teachers alike, The BookRoom came into being in 1993 from a desire to instil a love of literature into the hearts of our little ones. The BookRoom is named after poet Eleanor Farjeon’s special book, “The Little BookRoom”. There are over 10,000 lovingly handpicked story books by a team of coordinators whose dream is to make every visit to the BookRoom an imaginative and magical experience. We encourage our pre-schoolers to visit the BookRoom regularly to cultivate a positive reading habit and to indulge in the wide range of age-appropriate children books available.

Our Overseas Centres

Aside from our overseas centres in Singapore, all other centres – in Jakarta and Shanghai - made the initial approach to Julia Gabriel because they wanted to replicate what Julia Gabriel does in their home cities. Julia Gabriel continues to work with overseas partners to maintain quality control through teacher-training, seconding of teachers from Singapore to start programmes in our overseas centres, staff training, overseeing curriculum material and supplying centres with BookRoom resources.

Other Centres Under Julia Gabriel International

Named after Julia Gabriel’s parents’ home in England, Chiltern House strives to create the nurturing qualities of home – warmth, security and love, offering full childcare services within a comprehensive preschool curriculum. Preschool marks the start of the independent experience away from home. Chiltern House prepares students for confident, successful entry into primary school.

The Chengzhu Foundation Years programmes, Chinese Cultural Arts and Language Learners, are currently being offered as part of Chiltern House's multilingual curriculum. Find out more about how our preschool programme which also employs Julia Gabriel Education's unique EduDrama® methodology, nurtures growing independence along with positive self-esteem and self-image, and instills a love of learning through a child’s earliest learning experience here.

Julia Gabriel Centre in Malaysia was first established in 2006 in Bangsar, offering enrichment programmes for children and teens. Its adult education arm, the Julia Gabriel School of Education offers early childhood courses and workshops for adults and its programmes are open not only to teachers but also parents and just about anyone interested to pursue more knowledge in understanding and teaching young children.

Programmes under Julia Gabriel Centre range from adult-accompanied for babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 3 years, speech and drama for 3 year olds to teens, and readers and writers for children aged 3 years to teens. All programmes employ the EduDrama® methodology designed for our children discover how they can express themselves clearly and confidently in their own unique way.

Find out more about Julia Gabriel Centre here.