A Truly Mandarin Kindergarten 

After years of working with preschool children, Chengzhu Singapore launched the Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten in January 2016. This offers a 4-hour programme for 5 days a week from Nursery One to Kindergarten Two in a language-rich environment. From Kindergarten One, the children are exposed to an hour of English a day, ensuring they are well prepared not only in Mandarin for a seamless entry to primary school.

A strong progressive curriculum has been designed by a team of specialists which covers all subject and learning areas. The curriculum incorporates engaging activities such as drama, music and movement, storytelling, role-play, art and craft, speaking and listening, reading and writing. This enables children to develop their confidence, independence and excellent communication skills in a captivating, holistic approach. All areas of cognitive development are supported and expanded, ensuring children are able to communicate ideas involving mathematical, social, scientific and emotional thinking.

The development for Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten in Malaysia is still underway. However, the Chinese Cultural Arts programme from Chengzhu Mandarin Centre's Foundation Years range is currently assimilated into Chiltern House Preschool forming a component in its multilingual curriculum delivered in three languages from the Nursery to Kindergarten levels. Formal Mandarin lessons in Chiltern House form an average 6.5 hours in lesson delivery weekly, and on top of it, the daily bilingual interaction with the class teachers during snack and lunch, even weekly BookRoom visits - all of which creatively and effectively immerses the children into a vibrant and engaging learning environment. To learn more about Chiltern House Preschool, visit their website.

The BookRoom, a unique children’s library affectionately designed with a desire to instil a love of literature into the hearts of our little ones is filled to the brim with shelves of lovingly handpicked English, Mandarin and Malay story books by a team of coordinators whose dream is to make every child’s visit to the BookRoom an imaginative and magical experience. Named after poet Eleanor Farjeon’s special book, “The Little BookRoom”, its cheerful colours and cosy nooks have been around since 2006 to capture the imagination of young children and bolster their enjoyment of reading and learning,