Mandarin Centre

Chinese Enrichment Programmes

Founded in 2012, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre evolved from the Mandarin programmes of Julia Gabriel Centre. We provide children and families a supportive environment where they can take Chinese enrichment classes, which helps them better appreciate the language and culture.

Holistic Approach

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre offers a range of Chinese enrichment programmes for all ages. The centre provides Chinese enrichment lessons for children as young as 6 months, giving long-lasting experiences in their early, formative years. Employing a learner-centric approach, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre provides a balanced environment where children can acquire knowledge while having fun. With passionate educators dedicated to helping students succeed in school and in life, we encourage students to fulfill their highest potentials.

Age-Appropriate Programme

With the aim to ensure our students receive a holistic and meaningful learning experience, we group our classes into three categories. In our Adult Accompanied Programmes, we lay the foundations of the Chinese language, as we cultivate the enjoyment of the language within the child. Our Foundation Years Programmes focus on introducing the Chinese culture to our students. The language class in this programme aims to aid students in becoming confident in the four important aspects of learning Mandarin: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The School Years Programmes support students in achieving the standards set for primary school Mandarin curriculum in Malaysia and Singapore. Through age-appropriate teaching methods, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre helps students improve their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in Mandarin, enabling them to transition effectively from preschool and excel in school.

Please be advised that Chengzhu Mandarin Centre programmes are currently unavailable in Kuala Lumpur. However, we welcome you to browse through our Julia Gabriel Centre website or contact us at +603 2201 0799 or WhatsApp to +6011 1068 8882 for more information on our available English and Mandarin enrichment programmes for young children.