Adult Accompanied

These programmes require children aged between 6 months and 3 years to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver during class.

PLAYNEST | 华语温馨窝

PLAYNEST | 华语温馨窝
(6 - 18 Months)

Schedule: 1½ hour sessions, twice per week

This parent accompanied programme lays the foundations for successful language learning for children aged 6 to 18 months, developing their cognitive, physical and social skills in a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment.

Every aspect of PlayNest is specially designed for hands-on, interactive learning and language stimulation, enabling infants and their caregivers to have fun together as they participate in an array of theme-based activities for toddlers. The learning in PlayNest addresses all the key aspects of children’s learning and development at this very special age when they are akin to sponges, soaking up and learning from every experience.

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What happens in PlayNest?

Language learning is stimulated and experienced through enjoyment of rhythm, sounds and the melody of child-friendly, traditional and contemporary Mandarin songs.

Meet the puppets
Children develop social skills through enjoyable and meaningful interactions with our teachers and their specially designed puppet characters.

Special activities of the day
Physical activities develop gross motor skills and co-ordination, while specially designed fun art and craft activities allows the children to exercise their fine motor skills and explore their innate sensory perceptions for cognitive development.

Story time
PlayNest exposes children to language, sparks their imagination and enables them to appreciate the value of spoken and printed words through stories.

Snack time
Children explore a well-rounded taste as they sample a wide range of healthy foods and learn the social mannerism of eating with others.

PLAYCLUB | 华语俱乐部

PLAYCLUB | 华语俱乐部
(18 Months - 3 Years)

Schedule: 2 hour sessions, twice per week

Every activity in PlayClub is aimed at cultivating an enjoyment of language, allowing children aged between 1½ and 3 years to comprehend and assimilate what they see, hear and experience more effectively. Together with the accompaniment of their parent or caregiver, learning in PlayClub is designed to be as natural as play during a time when children’s windows of learning are wide open.

Children are introduced to key concept words and phrases and immersed in the natural rhythm of Standard Mandarin through stories, puppets, drama activities, art and craft, and songs. Our theme-based curriculum provides a host of experiences for toddlers to build co-ordination and dexterity, and encourages independent behaviour and thinking, while nurturing a curiosity for acquiring language.

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What happens in PlayClub?

Creative art and craft
Fine motor skills are developed and senses are stimulated through engaging hands-on art and craft activities as children discover new channels of expressing themselves.

Stories, speech and language games, puppet shows
Such fun and creative avenues allow children to build the foundations for speaking and thinking in Mandarin while naturally stimulating their interest in the language.

Music and rhythmic work, movement games
Children learn to appreciate and enjoy the sounds, melody and rhythm of language and foster their confidence in expressing themselves freely through music, movement and dance.

Free and imaginative play
Children develop gross motor skills, problem solving skills, confidence, independence and social skills when they are engaged in natural play.

Snack time
During snack time, children practise taking turns and learn to interact socially with their peers while being exposed to healthy eating habits. They are introduced to names of food, textures and tastes.

Chinese character recognition activities
Through highly interactive activities, children acquire pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-number skills in a fun, stimulating manner.