The “Chengzhu” Story

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre evolved naturally, as a result of running Mandarin programmes at Julia Gabriel Centre for over 12 years. The time was right to take the next step: to create a wholly Chinese environment where children and their families could be immersed in both language and culture, ensuring holistic, meaningful and long lasting learning experiences. In January 2012, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre was officially founded in Singapore!

Beginning 2019, Chengzhu's range of Foundation Years programmes is introduced in Kuala Lumpur as a part of Chiltern House Preschool's additional activities for their Flexi-Care and Full Day programme.

With over 20 years of experience teaching Mandarin in Singapore, we have an excellent track record of developing children who are confident and happy to learn and communicate in Mandarin. Our teachers are our secret ingredient. Highly skilled at bringing the language alive, they are able to engage every young learner so effectively that the Mandarin immersion becomes highly innate. This is how early childhood education should be. Whilst engaged, exploring and collaborating, our children are simultaneously getting an excellent start on their educational journey, one that will give them an advantage for many years to come.

About the name “Chengzhu”

The name “Chengzhu” comes from the Chinese idiom “xiong you cheng zhu” (to have an image of bamboo in one’s mind), which illustrates the confidence that good preparation can bring when taking on new challenges.

The word “cheng” also signifies growth. We chose the name “Chengzhu” because we aim to help our learners develop the tenacity and strength exemplified by bamboo.

Our programmes and nurturing environment immerse students in Chinese language and culture, enabling them to develop a strong foundation in Mandarin and build the confidence to master the language – just as bamboo initially emerges as a fragile shoot and then grows tall and strong in fertile soil.